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Custom Framing Options for Local Customers

Click on frame description (below) to view pop-up picture.

Please note, we do NOT SHIP frames. It's best to actually see the frame and to pick a frame and matte custom to your home decor.

Custom framing options available in Portland, Oregon metro area only.

Letter Art Custom Frames, 10x20, 3-4 letters
4x6 letter size (letters sold separately)
- $69.99

Wood Color

Click Here to view Black Wood Frame

Click Here to view Brown Wood Frame

Letter Art Custom Frames, 12x36, 5-8 letters
5 letter frames are 5x7 letter size, 6-8 letter frames are 4x6 letter size (letters sold separately) -

Wood Color

View Black Wood Frame

View Brown Wood Frame

US Dollars only. The included shipping costs are for local deliveries only - we do not ship frames.

Payment may also be made via Cash, Check or Money Order. Letters are sold separately. Custom frame options include matting but do not include letter images, and are for local customers only - we do not ship frames.

Kristi Iglesias
(503) 702-8307
Monday - Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Thank You!


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